Post-match Interview with the Cambodia U-23 Team Manager over Cambodia 1:nil Defeat to South Korea U-22

Pisedth Chhaing, the Cambodia U-23 team manager, has an exclusive post-match interview from Vietnam with CAMfootballnews via Facebook over Cambodia’s 1:nil defeat to South Korea U-22.

11207296_1033622499999044_8412341559359338292_n(Cambodia U-23, Photo: Sovanna Kem)

11245472_1033622519999042_5461716488131390935_n(South Korea U-22, Photo: Sovanna Kem)

“South Korean boys are good in all areas: defense, midfield, and attack. And they are very well-built,” said the team manager.

Piseth regarded the ball possession as 55% to South Korea U-22 and 45% for Cambodia U-23. “They [South Korea U-22] had some good scoring chances, and so did we. So it is a box-to-box match. And we had some good shoots on target, but our players were not brave enough and were lack of confidence to score,” he added.

“Our players were working so hard for the entire match and were very tired after the match,” he stated.

Cambodia U-23 will have another friendly match against the host, Đồng Tâm Long An U-23, in Vietnam on May 15, 2015.


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