Meet Cambodia’s Number One Goalkeeper, Yaty Sou

Goalkeeper could be the most underrated role in football, yet why did Cambodia’s Number one goalkeeper, Yaty Sou, choose to play in this role? When asked why play in the role as a goalkeeper; to which he replied in a short and clear comment: “Cos [Because] I like this position.”

Yaty, 23, has been lauded by most of the coaches, players, and fans in Cambodia for his great skills and talent, and he has been considered as the Cambodia’s best goalkeeper at this present time. “For me [I] never think I am the number one goalkeeper in Cambodia. I don’t care about it. I just keep training for my club and country but I also feel happy to hear that from others,” he said humbly.

Cambodia's goalkeeper Sou Yaty (R) fights for the ball with Myanmar's Kyaw Zayar Win (L) during their football match in the 27th SEA Games football tournament in Yangon on December 7, 2013.    AFP PHOTO / YE AUNG THU        (Photo credit should read Ye Aung Thu/AFP/Getty Images)

The 23-year-old also shared his experience regarding how to be a good goalkeeper. “I try my best in every training time with my coach, respect the rules, and am well-disciplined,” he said.

Yaty on his appearance for Cambodia in the coming 2018 World Cup qualifiers second round: “I feel happy to represent our country for World Cup qualifiers 2nd round. It is the first time for us in history.”

Yaty expresses his thankfulness to all the fans who have kept supporting him and the team, and he wants more and more supports from the fans to push the team forwards.

Photo: Ye Aung Thu/AFP/Getty Images.


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